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Download To Own:

Download and play movies on your PC or TV. Just like having the DVD in your PC or DVD player!
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General Download To Own Questions

Troubleshooting Download To Own movies

General Download To Own Questions

Q: How is Download To Own service different from Download Rentals?
A: Just Like Download Rentals, Download To Own allows Full Screen, DVD-like quality playback on your PC. Download To Own requires you to download the complete movie before it can be viewed. Once downloaded the movie is yours to keep and will allow unlimited viewing without any time limitation, - your Download To Own never expires. Download To Own acts just like a DVD that you own - you can fast forward, rewind, pause, etc just like a DVD or VCR.

Q: Can I "burn" a movie I purchased as Download to Own to the DVD and watch it in regular DVD player?
A: Download To Own allows unlimited playback on your PC. Download To Own movies can not be burned to regular DVD. If you prefer to watch your purchased movie on TV, you simply need to connect your PC graphics card output to a TV (most modern graphics cards have this option).

Q: What software is required to view download to own movies?
A: Our Download To Own movies can be viewed with Windows Media Player 9 (or later). For ultimate viewing experience, Windows Media Player version 11 is recommended. Windows Media Player is available free from Microsoft - FREE DOWNLOAD link.

Q: How do I correctly configure Windows Media Player for playback of Download To Own movies?
A: Please refer to our Software Setup Guide for necessary configuration. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff.

Q: What are the hardware requirements for viewing download to own movies?
A: We recommend a minimum of Pentium 3 400mhz (or equivalent), 64MB of system memory, 4mb of video memory and 1gb of free hard disk space.

Q: I have a Mac. Can I access your movies via Download To Own?
A: Our video download technology currently does not support any Mac operating systems. You CAN, however, use MAC with any of our Streaming Options. For more information please see our System Requirements page

Q: I have a Dial-Up connection (telephone modem) can I still stream and download movies?
A: Yes, dial-up users can download and view movies from our site. We do not recommend Download Services to dial-up users due to the size of the files and the associated download times. Dial-up users can easily stream video from our site (though at lower resolution than broadband, cable/DSL, users).

Q: What is the minimum recommended connection speed to download a movie?
A: 128Kbps or better is recommended for Download To Own purchases. As most broadband (cable modem/DSL) connections are significantly faster than 128Kb most users can download a movie rental in a reasonable time frame. File size of our Download To Own Titles ranges between 400MB to 1GB depending on duration (approximately 400MB per 1 hour). It is important to note that in order to preview the movie while it is being downloaded, your connection speed has to be at least 1024Kbps.

Q: I have purchased a Download To Own Movie. What do I do next? How do I download it without interruption?
A: Our Download Rentals are configured to work with any browser. Optionally, you can use any of your favorite download managers to accelerate the download and ensure uninterrupted downloads. Download Rentals can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download Link" link on the "My Movies" page. Note: Download links are only available for 30 days from your purchase.

Q: I purchased Download To Own movie but I did not like it after I have started the download and previewed it for a few minutes. I stopped the download right away. Can I get my money back?
A: All sales are final at our site. If you are not sure whether the movie you are interested in renting is of your liking, we suggest using our Pay-Per-Minute streaming service to preview any movie in our library.

Troubleshooting Download To Own movies

Q: While playing the movie, the picture suddenly starts jumping with green and pink stripes. Some images remain frozen.
A: This is typically caused by the way some video cards handle the color palette of the stream. If this happens to you, YUV flipping within Windows Media Player needs to be disabled as follows:

  1. Click "Tools" and choose "Options".
  2. Choose the "Performance" tab.
  3. Click the "Advanced" button within "Video Acceleration" area.
  4. Select "Video Renderer" from the list of filters in use and click the "Change" button.
  5. Remove the checkmark next to "Use YUV Flipping" (within "Video Acceleration" area)
  6. Confirm (Click "OK") and close all the dialogs.
You may need to restart the movie or the media player

Q: While playing the movie, the playback is slow (seems like slow motion) or choppy (seems like it is skipping frames).
A: There are several possible scenarios:
  1. You have version of Windows Media Player other than version 9. For ultimate results, please download and install Windows Media Player version 9 or later from Microsoft.
  2. Your desktop does satisfy minimum system,/hardware requirements.
  3. Some Windows Media Components may have beencorrupted. Please fully re-install Windows Media Player (can be downloaded free from Microsoft)

Q: The movie finished downloading, I started the playback of the movie, however, at some point in the movie Windows Media Player tells me that the file is corrupted.
A: The most likely reason for this message is that the file got corrupted during the download process. We recommend that you re-download the movie.

Q: I tried everything that you have suggested above, but I still can not download or view my Download To Own. What should I do?
A: We strongly recommend performing the following steps:
  1. Completely re-install your Windows Media Player. 99% of all issues are caused by corrupted Windows Media Components. Also, perform the following steps:
    1. Delete ALL files from the following directory:
      Windows Vista: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM
      Windows XP or 2000: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\
      Windows 98SE or ME: C:\Windows\DRM\
      If you prefer to use our script to perform this task, please follow this link: http://www.eastmediagroup.com/admin/fix_drm.bat
    2. Try playback again (If you are prompted to upgrade security components, please do so).
    3. If the issue persists, repeat (a), (b), and follow (d).
    4. Fully reinstall MS Windows Media Player version 9 or later. Only if you can not play the movie after performing (a) and (b)
    5. If you are unable to locate any files in the DRM directory or the directory itself, perform the following steps:
      =>Start Windows Explorer.
      =>Click Tools, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab.
      =>In the Advanced Settings box, under Hidden files and folders,
      click "Show hidden files and folders" (if it is not already selected)
      =>Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"
      =>Click "OK"
    6. If the above procedures still do not help, please peform a complete security upgrade of your Windows Media Player from Microsoft: http://drmlicense.one.microsoft.com/Indivsite/en/indivit.asp.
  2. If you are accessing the Internet through a firewall or a proxy, try disabling them and access the Internet directly.
  3. If you use any security and/or privacy software, try temporarily disabling this software.
  4. If access the Internet through a proxy or a firewall try temporarily disabling this them and access the Internet directly.
  5. If access the Internet through a router restart/reset your router.
If none of the steps above resolve your issues, we strongly recommend reviewing Windows Media support pages available at Microsoft. You can always contact our Support Department using our Contact Form.

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